When I quit my job and jetted off to the land down under, preparing for the trip seemed like a daunting thought. There seemed like there was so much to set up, but you’ll be happy that applying for your Working Holiday visa is pretty simple! Book your flight Skyscanner, is a travel search engine that compares and lists the cheapest flights from every airline. TIP: Make sure you book while using an incognito window on your Google Chrome/Windows etc. My first choice of airline is Qatar Airways. I have never flown with anyone else long distance, purely because they are always the cheapest and consistently reliable. Get your Working Holiday Visa I chose the popular one year Working Holiday Visa for my time in Australia. At over £200 it is quite pricey but when you think about the fact you get a year to work and travel Australia you won’t…

I’ve fallen in love with Kangaroo Island. When we first came to Australia, we hadn’t even heard of it. After living here for a good few months I have come to the conclusion it is one of Australias most overlooked destinations. That being said, I guess it is the lack of tourists and residents that helps maintain the island as a wildlife sanctuary.    Before I start telling you how amazingly stunning KI is, there is a downside. Other than a short 35-minute flight from Adelaide airport (around $140), the Sealink ferry is the only means of public transport to the island. For two of us and our car, it cost us a whopping $180! But if you can see past the fact that Sealink is robbing you blind, you will get to explore one of Australias most hidden gems. Flinders Chase National Park Located on the west side of Kangaroo Island,…

Yes, it is a real place!

We are currently living on Kangaroo Island, just a forty five minute ferry away from the mainland of South Australia. We were lucky enough to find paid work here on an abalone farm which counts towards our second year visa. If you don’t know, to be able to stay a second year in Australia on a working holiday visa, you have to do 88 days rural work to show you are contributing to Australia in a beneficial way. I had no idea what abalone was when I originally accepted the job but we took a chance and it has turned out swimmingly.

We stayed in Adelaide, South Australia for just three days. We had only been on the road for a week or so but driving in the city actually felt quite odd. We were used to driving on derelict roads with nothing but roadhouses and junk food, so it was nice to have a choice of supermarkets, shops, and a reasonable fuel price. The night we arrived in Adelaide we pitched our tent in a campsite not too far from the CBD and then met up with two of our friends from Perth. It was lovely to see them and nice to have somebody who could show us around a little, especially seeing as we weren’t staying long. We went out for dinner to Maybe Mae, a lovely bar and grill with great food on Peel Street. We dined on chicken skewers, burgers, fries and of course, beer. It was here I was introduced to Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA which was absolutely delicious.

We camped at the Balladonia Roadhouse for one night before we headed for the Nullarbor Plain, the longest straight road in Australia. The Nullarbor is ninety miles long and as we had been warned prior, there is nothing there. There is nothing but signs for kangaroos, camels, wallabies, and of course countless trees and bushes. When driving across the Nullarbor, waving at other drivers is the courteous thing to do. This is because you’re in the middle of nowhere with minimal human interaction. Fuel has to be distributed into the outback so obviously the price was rising the further we drove. We went from paying 96c a litre in Perth, to paying as much as $1.80 a litre on the Nullarbor. While we’re talking about prices, if you want a few beers along the way, I’d recommend stocking up beforehand. In one shop it came to $35 for just 6 bottles! Border Village…

We have just flown back to Australia after two weeks in the UK. Our plan was minimal. In fact, it pretty much consisted of typing Adelaide into the sat nav and following the directions. We packed the boot of our car with the essentials; tent, esky, sleeping bags, jerry cans, etc. and then our road trip commenced.

Our first stop was Wave Rock, a mere three hours fifty minutes from Perth in Western Australia. Our hopes were high for this rock, I mean a rock, shaped like a wave? We were in for a treat. This was our first real road trip, so we weren’t 100% about what the ‘outback’ had in store for us.

We have been in Perth about a month now so we decided to get the ferry over to Rottnest Island. It is located about 18 kilometres from the mainland and is renowned for its population of quokkas. It cost us $100 per person for travel, ferries, snorkels and bicycle hire. We got up at 5.30am ready to be picked up outside Billabong at 6.20am. I can’t remember if at any time I have specified that Billabong is the name of our hostel, so if you were wondering there you have it. You can imagine how hard getting up was for me seeing as I haven’t been up this early since school.