We have just flown back to Australia after two weeks back in the UK. Our plan was minimal, in fact it pretty much consisted of typing Adelaide in to the sat nav and following the directions of the lovely lady that speaks to us. We packed up our KIA Sportage with essentials; tent, esky, sleeping bags, jerry cans etc. and then our road trip commenced.

Our first stop was Wave Rock, a mere three hours fifty minutes from Perth CBD. Our hopes were high for this rock, I mean a rock, shaped like a wave? We were in for a treat. The journey began well. Our car was full and we had said all of our emotional goodbyes to everyone at the hostel. I would say it was only around forty minutes into our drive that we were off the highway, and teetering on the edge of one of the many outback roads which would lead us to this rock. This was our first real road trip, so we weren’t 100% about what the ‘outback’ had in store for us.