Being from the UK, the idea of an outdoor festival in winter doesn’t sound too appealing. But one of the many wonderful things about Australia is that just because it’s winter it doesn’t meant it’s all dressing gowns and central heating.

With only three months until our visa expires, I like to spend my weekends making the most of my time here. I stumbled upon the Regional Flavours Festival accidentally after researching events and things to do close by on that particular weekend. It is a free festival boasting a range of food, wine, beer, live music, and entertainment from celebrity chefs.

Located at the beautiful South Bank Parklands in Brisbane , Regional Flavours offers an array of stunning wines, gorgeous cheeses and international cuisine. From Mexican, Greek and French dishes, to sweet treats and homemade honeys, the food selection was amazing. There is also activities for kids, so it’s perfect for families.

Regional Flavours Festival

Regional Flavours Festival, Brisbane

Delicious aromas filled the crisp winter air as we sauntered around the dozens of tents and stalls. With it being a food and wine festival, not having a glass of vino would almost be rude. Driving from the Gold Coast was probably a blessing in disguise as it could quite easily have turned into a bit of a sesh. We visited one of the many wine stands and opted for a delicious glass of sav.

There was almost too much food to choose from, but after a long time perusing each stall we decided on Greek food. We shared a delicious a lamb gyros and a Spanakopita. I’d never heard of this before, but it is essentially a pastry of awesomeness (spinach and feta cheese). For dessert, we visited the I Love Brownies stall and choose two delicious flavours, jaffa and double chocolate. Sufficed to say they were two of the best damn brownies I’ve ever had in my life.

Regional Flavours Festival

We could easily have stayed there all afternoon. It was a two day festival, and if we had planned in advance we could have stayed in Brisbane over night to fully enjoy it.

As I sipped my wine and dined on raclette,  for a moment there I actually felt quite classy. That is until later that day when we ended up in our local drinking beer until the hours. Not a bad day to say we had nothing to do.

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