If you’re planning a road trip around Australia, I would highly recommend driving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. There are a couple of different routes you can take, so we opted to ditch the coastal road and hit the Snowy Mountains! It might not be all sunshine and beaches, but there are many impressive spots worth visiting. In total, it takes around 18hours, not including stops. This was over 2000km we were about to drive in a questionable KIA Sportage. Our route looked a little like this: Melbourne-Yarrangobilly-Snowy Mountains-Canberra-Sydney-Blue Mountains-Port Macquarie-Gold Coast.  The Snowy Mountains Our first night was spent in a quiet town called Talbingo, a six-hour drive North East of Melbourne. Unfortunately, there was torrential rain from around 6 pm, so an Aussie BBQ was well out of the question! Our plan was to stay here a night, before exploring Yarrangobilly, a town in the northern part…

We have just flown back to Australia after two weeks in the UK. Our plan was minimal. In fact, it pretty much consisted of typing Adelaide into the sat nav and following the directions. We packed the boot of our car with the essentials; tent, esky, sleeping bags, jerry cans, etc. and then our road trip commenced.

Our first stop was Wave Rock, a mere three hours fifty minutes from Perth in Western Australia. Our hopes were high for this rock, I mean a rock, shaped like a wave? We were in for a treat. This was our first real road trip, so we weren’t 100% about what the ‘outback’ had in store for us.