Prior to arriving in Melbourne we had heard all good things; the culture, the social life, the street art, etc. It took us about 40 minutes of immersing ourselves in Melbourne culture to realise the rumours were true. 

I am not the biggest fan of city’s, I prefer quiet areas where there isn’t the hustle and bustle of the CBD.
So for me, St Kilda is perfect! It is a delightful, quirky suburb situated in the heart of Melbourne. It offers a variety of bars, restaurants, cafes and cake shops. The buzz of St Kilda is alive both day and night, so no matter what time you feel like exploring there will always be somewhere to go! 

View point tower, St Kilda

Social aspects aside, St Kilda does emit a very relaxing atmosphere. On a sunny Victoria day, we took a long walk down the beautiful St Kilda beach. We ate honeycomb ice cream from a local kiosk on the coast and found the cutest little padlocks tied to a wooden footbridge. We walked down the stunning St Kilda pier and spent time with the most adorable penguins. They tend to come out every night just after sunset- an incredible experience.

Footbridge at St Kilda, Melbourne

Padlock at St Kilda, Melbourne

Another of my favourite places in Melbourne (and probably every other tourist that visits) is the wonderful Chapel Street. My first thought when I hopped on the tram down C-Street was, “is this all the same road?!” And yes, it is. Extending from Windsor to South Yarra, Chapel Street will keep you busy for hours! Chapel Street is jam-packed with vintage shops, high street stores, bars, and cafes. The best bit? There is always some kind of daily special or happy hour that will make getting to know the city’s best restaurants affordable! 

Cheap eats aside, if you do it every day your bank balance is going to take a hit (like we have discovered!) I would say we’ve eaten out about 12 of the 14 nights we have been here. However, we haven’t even nearly made a small dent in the amount of cool eateries around!

Street Art, Melbourne

Street Art, Melbourne

Whether it is down hidden side streets or displayed boldly for all to see, Melbournes street art culture is apparent everywhere. This bustling city flaunts a number of impressive graffiti murals and a variety of colourful artwork. We only got time to check out Hosier Lane, Central Place, and Flinders Court, but there are so many to admire! 

Equally adding to the city’s urban environment are the fantastic laneways. They offer a selection of quaint, cosy bars and restaurants all packed together in one narrow street. Yes, more restaurants and bars I know, but this is what I love about this city! The amount of unique places to go is insane. Within the first few days we discovered so many places. Cookie, a rooftop bar that gives you a lovely view of the city. Fall from Grace, a swanky cocktail bar that is only accessible through a secret bookcase, and The Mill House, an indoor quirky bar/restaurant that boasts an array of beers and cocktails in a large relaxing ambiance. 

Plus, the Queen Victoria Market is just a short walk from the CBD. It offers an indoor and outdoor display of fruit, vegetables, homeware, an array of food, and pretty much anything you could want! We didn’t make it to the Wednesday night market, but apparently this is the best time to visit.

Finally, if you have a car the small town of Mordialloc is a short drive away. We went fishing off the pier and were lucky enough to see dolphins just meters from the shore! We popped into Brighton Beach on the way home too to see the famous multicoloured beach huts. Granted we would have appreciated them more if it wasn’t a cold, windy day, but nevertheless they were pretty cool!

Dolphins at Mordialloc, Victoria

Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Have you been to Melbourne? Let me know some of the cool places you discovered!

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