This week we decided it was about time we started to look for jobs. Australia is a pricey country and as fun as it has been moochin’ around without a care in the world, it is not doing our bank balances any good.

After some very half arsed job searching, me and James both ended up working at the Beaufort Street Festival but at two separate places. If you are wondering, the Beaufort Street Festival is a yearly street party in Perth where local businesses get involved putting on food stalls, drinks, music etc. When I took the job I did ask myself why yet again I am the one behind the bar as opposed to being on the other side at a festival. But, money is money. I worked at a restaurant called ‘Meatballs’ (lol), and James worked for a bar called ‘Must’.

After handing out a handful of resumes around town, I received another job offer from a restaurant called ‘Ace Pizza”, and yes the pizzas are ace. They are cooked traditionally in a wood fire pizza oven. The staff are lovely and we get free pizza at the end of our shifts so it’s win win. People mock waitressing but carrying three pizzas isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The plate burns you. The first time I walked with them I was petrified, my arm was on fire. Don’t get me wrong I do have higher career prospects than being a waitress, I just feel like stressing it was a difficult moment.

In other news this week we bought a car. A Mitsubishi Lancer from my friend from home. He sold it to us for $900 as mates rates. But, as I write this James is fixing it as it has broken down. So whether it was actually mates rates or a ‘here, take this piece of shit’ we are yet to discover. I took it for a spin a couple of days ago and I thought my driving was fine. But then I got to a hill and bottled it. I stalled, got nervous and panicked, James shouted at me, traffic was building, I got angry so I put my foot down and we flew. It all happened so fast. Safe to say I am not stepping foot back in it until it is fixed. Again, if you are wondering I only passed my driving test around two months before we flew out here, so this was my first time driving without my instructor so I was a little rusty.

We are a good two weeks or so into living in Western Australia now and it hasn’t taken us long to realise how expensive the cost of living here is. Everything from clothes to alcohol is very cha-ching, and buying a weekly food shop costs an arm and a leg. But not anymore because this week we discovered….. Spudshed! I like to describe it as the Australian version of Aldi. Cheap fruit, vegetables, meat, it was like a day out in itself! We were buying double what we would buy in IGA our local supermarket, and literally for half the price.

So we have our own car, a steady income, and pretty much all of our paperwork is complete! Happy days!

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