We camped at the Balladonia Roadhouse for one night before we headed for the Nullarbor Plain, the longest straight road in Australia. The Nullarbor is ninety miles long and as we had been warned prior, there is nothing there. There is nothing but signs for kangaroos, camels, wallabies, and of course countless trees and bushes. When driving across the Nullarbor, waving at other drivers is the courteous thing to do. This is because you’re in the middle of nowhere with minimal human interaction.

Fuel has to be distributed into the outback so obviously the price was rising the further we drove. We went from paying 96c a litre in Perth, to paying as much as $1.80 a litre on the Nullarbor. While we’re talking about prices, if you want a few beers along the way, I’d recommend stocking up beforehand. In one shop it came to $35 for just 6 bottles!

Border Village & Streaky Bay

Border Village is where Western Australia ends and South Australia starts. Inevitably, we could tell the further we travelled the colder it was getting. As you cross the border, your vehicle is security checked for fruit and vegetables. Nobody is allowed to take any through because of contamination by fruit flies.

Our first real experience of South Australia was at Streaky Bay, a small fishing town around seven hours from Adelaide. We spent a night on the jetty fishing and taking in the sunset. The view was beautiful both from the jetty, and our campsite on the morning and evening. Crisp sea air in the morning, and a sharp red sunset on the night.

Streaky Bay

The final hurdle was a seven and a half hour journey from Streaky Bay to Adelaide. James bought The Da Vinci Code on audio book for the car. Not a patch on Partridge if you ask me but it was something to listen to. I just want to note that we have just been on a 1670 mile road trip, a grand total of 28 hours driving in our Kia, and it was here, one hour thirty minutes from Adelaide that James got pulled over for speeding. Worryingly, our speedometer said he was just 5k/hr over, but the policeman said he was over by 19k/hr. This either means the nice policeman is telling fibs, or our speedometer is not accurate and therefore hasn’t been correct for this six-day road trip.

Have you driven from Perth to Adelaide along the Nullarbor Plain? Is there a specific road trip you would suggest is definitely worth doing? Comment below and let me know!

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