It was always high on my bucket list, James more so than me. As long as I’ve known him he’s talked about swimming with sharks. I actually thought it would be one of those things we would talk about, but never get round too. (Partly because I can be a bit of a pussy). But I’m so glad I manned up and we did it.

The weather here on the Gold Coast has been pretty bad for almost two weeks now, and we needed a fun yet affordable activity. I say bad, it’s been around 20 degrees and wet. Which in hindsight isn’t bad weather at all, but in comparison to what we’re used to it’s not the best.

We purchased our Gold Coast Theme Park tickets on Groupon for around $80 each a few weeks back. This got us unlimited entry into Wet “N” Wild, Dreamworld, Seaworld and Outback Spectacular (A pretty good deal considering it’s about an $80 entry fee into just one of these places).  Having bought these a while ago, we decided to make the most of our rainy day and drive to Seaworld for the first time.

I know what you might be thinking, Seaworld- really? I know it doesn’t have the best reputation, and I was pretty sceptical beforehand myself. Truth be told, if we didn’t have the tickets we wouldn’t have even gone in the first place. But after a chat with the staff, they reassured us that every fish, shark, stingray and whatever else in that tank was perfectly happy. So we decided to go for it. How many times will I get the chance to swim with sharks? It isn’t really an opportunity that arises every day.

It wasn’t until we got there that we decided to take the plunge. We went straight to the Animal Adventures help desk and asked what our options were. We were thrilled to hear there was availability for the 2pm snorkel. For 20 minutes swimming time with the sharks, stingrays, and all the other wonderful fish it came to $60 each. This also included wetsuits, photos, and snorkels.

It was an outdoor pool with onlookers observing us as we splashed around. It was the most amazing experience. Have you ever been touching distance from a stingray? Or close enough to see the expression on a sharks face? It was such an incredible experience that I will never forget.

For me, I felt much more comfortable because we weren’t in open water.  I’ll save that for another day!

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