Kangaroo Island


If someone asked me a year ago, “What will you do during your first year travelling Australia?”  My answer would have been short. Truth be told I didn’t have a clue. Other than the stereotypical sights to be seen here in the land down under, I didn’t actually have a plan. Here’s a brief recap of what I’ve been up to in the past 365 days. We lived in Perth, Western Australia My first real taste of Australia. We landed in Perth in November and left in March. Although it isn’t my favourite place in Australia to date, it is where we made a lot of life-long friends. Billabong Backpackers Hostel on Beaufort Street was where we predominantly spent our time. I worked part-time in a pizzeria and part-time in the hostel for free accommodation. Perth is a beautiful city, it has some wonderful places and it isn’t too busy. The only…

I’ve fallen in love with Kangaroo Island. When we first came to Australia, we hadn’t even heard of it. After living here for a good few months I have come to the conclusion it is one of Australias most overlooked destinations. That being said, I guess it is the lack of tourists and residents that helps maintain the island as a wildlife sanctuary.    Before I start telling you how amazingly stunning KI is, there is a downside. Other than a short 35-minute flight from Adelaide airport (around $140), the Sealink ferry is the only means of public transport to the island. For two of us and our car, it cost us a whopping $180! But if you can see past the fact that Sealink is robbing you blind, you will get to explore one of Australias most hidden gems. Flinders Chase National Park Located on the west side of Kangaroo Island,…

Yes, it is a real place!

We are currently living on Kangaroo Island, just a forty five minute ferry away from the mainland of South Australia. We were lucky enough to find paid work here on an abalone farm which counts towards our second year visa. If you don’t know, to be able to stay a second year in Australia on a working holiday visa, you have to do 88 days rural work to show you are contributing to Australia in a beneficial way. I had no idea what abalone was when I originally accepted the job but we took a chance and it has turned out swimmingly.