Queen Victoria Market


Prior to arriving in Melbourne we had heard all good things; the culture, the social life, the street art, etc. It took us about 40 minutes of immersing ourselves in Melbourne culture to realise the rumours were true.  I am not the biggest fan of city’s, I prefer quiet areas where there isn’t the hustle and bustle of the CBD. So for me, St Kilda is perfect! It is a delightful, quirky suburb situated in the heart of Melbourne. It offers a variety of bars, restaurants, cafes and cake shops. The buzz of St Kilda is alive both day and night, so no matter what time you feel like exploring there will always be somewhere to go!  Social aspects aside, St Kilda does emit a very relaxing atmosphere. On a sunny Victoria day, we took a long walk down the beautiful St Kilda beach. We ate honeycomb ice cream from…