We stayed in Adelaide, South Australia for just three days. We had only been on the road for a week or so but driving in the city actually felt quite odd. We were used to driving on derelict roads with nothing but roadhouses and junk food, so it was nice to have a choice of supermarkets, shops, and a reasonable fuel price. The night we arrived in Adelaide we pitched our tent in a campsite not too far from the CBD and then met up with two of our friends from Perth. It was lovely to see them and nice to have somebody who could show us around a little, especially seeing as we weren’t staying long. We went out for dinner to Maybe Mae, a lovely bar and grill with great food on Peel Street. We dined on chicken skewers, burgers, fries and of course, beer. It was here I was introduced to Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA which was absolutely delicious.

The following day was James’ birthday so we went shopping in Adelaide during the daytime to explore. Appearance wise I think the centre of Adelaide looks very like the centre of Perth. Then again, I am coming to the conclusion that every city centre is pretty much the same. Whilst we were wondering around taking in our surroundings we noticed a man in a silver camper van in the middle of the street selling toasties. He told us that all the proceeds went to a homeless charity so we stopped there for lunch.

Toastie van, Adelaide

Shortly after we discovered Charlesworth Nuts, a shop dedicated to hot nuts so we treated ourselves to some warm cashews. As expected, they were a delicious treat. Whilst we were having a great time exploring the city, I feel it is necessary to state that parking our car cost us an arm and a leg! We were unfamiliar with the city so we went to one of the first car parks we saw. It was Wilson Parking on Austin Street and it cost us $22.66 for two hours! It may have been silly of us to pay for city centre parking but it was day light robbery nonetheless.

Anyway, on the evening the birthday celebrations commenced. We met up with our two friends again and they took us for pizza at a restaurant called Melt on Waymouth Street. I went for The Jamon; tomato & mozzarella with rocket salad, olive oil, shaved prosciutto and parmesan. It tasted delicious and was reasonably priced at $23. I washed it down with a bottle of my favourite Australian beer, Feral Hop Hog.

The Jamon, Melt

Feeling full, we attempted a bar crawl for a few drinks. The only name I recall was a bar called Pink Moon Saloon, a cool but somewhat hidden wine bar located on Leigh Street in the city centre. It is built almost in the shape of a church and you could miss it in the blink of an eye. We started the night here with a stunning bottle of red. As it was a Monday there was very little open so three of us ended up propping the bar up at the casino until the early hours. It was my first time in a casino and I couldn’t believe the amounts of money people were spending. I stood out like a sore thumb. Whilst in Australia we have been living the cheap lifestyle but for some reason tonight that all went out of the window. Not on betting but we spent waaaay too much money on whiskeys, wine, and basically anything with a percentage. BUT, it was double celebrations because tomorrow we leave for our new job!

The next morning we went for breakfast at Biga Cafe on Hutt Street where I enjoyed crushed avocado, sun dried tomato, goats cheese, poached eggs and bacon on sour dough bread. Truth be told I was hungover so a full English would have sufficed but I am a sucker for an avocado.

Next stop: Kangaroo Island!

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